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Administration Department Activities

i. Responsible for setting general and specific Management Policy for employment.

ii. Responsible for Training, particularly Management Skills. Technical Training is usually not Administration, but that of Training department.

iii. Organisation and systemization of job descriptions and classifications.

iv. Coordinating employees Pension Matters through effective liaison with National Pension Commission.

v. Maintaining of Personnel Records and Statistics.

vi. Responsible for staff promotion.

vii. Responsible for staff postings.

viii. It ensures that adequate office accommodations are provided both at the headquarters and the zonal commands.

ix. The department liaises with the National Health Insurance Scheme to ensure benefit from the programme.

x. Responsible for maintenance of all office equipments, plants and vehicles.

xi. Receives and distributes store items to Departments, Units and Zones.

xii. The Administration department is manned by specialists, whose aim is to ensure that the department provides the right calibre of staff at the right time and doing the right thing, and at the same time providing all the needed materials to ensure that the work is done well.

Contact Person:

Benedicta Ojugbana (Mrs.)

Email: ojubgbana@naptip.gov.ng