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Public Enlightenment

The Public Enlightenment Department of NAPTIP is one of the core departments of the Agency and has been in existence since the inception of the Agency. It has organized and executed several awareness/sensitization programmes, in virtually all the states of the country in collaboration with our 6 zonal offices. However, items that concern the department in the circular are items (a), (b) and (d).

a) Mandate Of The Department:- According to the Harmonized Edition of the Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Law Enforcement and Administration Acts 2003 and 2005, the Public Enlightenment Department shall in collaboration with the Federal Ministries of Information and National Orientation Agency, Women and Youth Development, Employment, Labor and Productivity and Federal Ministry of Education, be responsible for campaigns, seminars and workshops aimed at educating the public on the problem of trafficking, thereby stimulating interest in awareness about the problem.

b) Method of Operations:- Several methods are usually employed by the department in its operations. Any particular method employed at any point in time will generally depend on several factors such as the literacy level of the targetted audience, location, age bracket, predominant language spoken, etc. The methods are as follows: Conferences, seminars, workshop Strategic alliance and cooperation Production and distribution of sensitization materials such as Face caps, T/shirts, stickers and posters Courtesy calls or visits Awareness campaign rally Organized excursion Pre-Sensitisation tours to human-trafficking endemic areas Research projects Newspaper sensitization and awareness publication Electronic media messages Outdoor publicity vans Jingles Local media Newsletter publication Traditional methods of communication e.g Town Crier Drama Feed back mechanism

In conclusion a copy of the activities of the Public Enlightenment Department since inception is attached. The department has tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible, but with expected reports from Public Enlightenment Units in the zonal offices, updates will be sent as they become available.

Contact Person: JOSIAH EMEROLE

TEL: +2348037054823

EMAIL: josiahemerole@naptip.gov.ng