Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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NAPTIP and the Royal Netherland Embassy have signed a Memoranda of Understanding to implement and support NAPTIP in the procurement of forensic equipments for the Agency’s forensic laboratory.
The MOU commits the Royal Netherland Embassy to support NAPTIP with a grant worth 25,000 Euros for the purchase of forensic equipment. According to the Director, legal and prosecution, Mr. Abdulrahim Opotu Shaibu, representing the Executive Secretary, NAPTIP, the donation will be of great benefit to the Agency, as this will assist the Agency in its operations.
Mr. Abdulrahim Opotu Shaibu stated that the Memoranda of Understanding marks an important step between both organizations, as the Embassy at various times had supported NAPTIP in different ways and capacities. He further sued for more sustainable collaborations which he hopes will improve the working partnership between NAPTIP and other European Union countries.
The Ambassador of the Royal Netherland Embassy represented by Mr. Maurice Paulussen, Second Secretary, Political Affairs and Human Rights of the Embassy said he was glad that the Embassy was collaborating with NAPTIP and hopes the assistance will boost the Agency’s operations and expertise in eradicating human trafficking.
Mr. Shaibu thanked the delegates from the Embassy of the Royal Netherland for their gesture and assured that the fund will be judiciously used for the purpose for which it is meant for and will further spur the Agency towards improved and effective delivery of its mandate.