Saturday, October 16, 2021
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NAPTIP Boss Emerges 2014 Trafficking in Person’s Hero

The United States government has conferred the award of 2014 trafficking in persons Report Hero to the Executive Secretary of NAPTIP, Mrs. Beatrice Jedy-Agba.
The award which was conferred by the US Secretary of State Senator John Kerry in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the State department today is in recognition of her tireless efforts to fight human trafficking and her passionate commitment to end modern day slavery.
To stem this scourge.
Earlier in a letter conveying the award to the Executive Secretary, the US government said Mrs. Jedy-Agba is one of the ten notable individuals around the globe who despite resistance, opposition and even threats to their lives protect victims, punish offenders and raise awareness of ongoing criminal practices in their countries and beyond.
Speaking during the award ceremony, the US Secretary of State senator john Kerry said the crime of human trafficking affects all parts of the world and no government is doing enough to combat it. He lauded the efforts of NAPTIP as superintended by the Executive Secretary who has transformed the anti-human trafficking landscape by incorporating anti trafficking issues into national development discourse, planning and policy. Senator Kerry called on all the awardees to form a global network of action and actors to combat this scourge. The Secretary of State said it takes a global village working together to combat a global crime.
Reacting to this, the Executive Secretary in her remarks said she was delighted to be honored with such an award. She thanked the US department of States for acknowledging the efforts and commitments of NAPTIP and the Federal Government of Nigeria in the fight against modern day slavery. She said the award will spur NAPTIP further towards more effective initiative in the fight against Human Trafficking. The NAPTIP boss said in the fact of justice and equality, all humanity are connected and criminal thrive when we disconnect.
Other activities lined up for the awardees include a two week program of meetings at the White House with officials from the US department of State, US NGO’s representatives, some US government agencies ,professionals and their counterpart with the sole aim of sharing ideas in a continued effort to further end modern slavery.
It will be recalled that Mrs. Beatrice Jedy-Agba was appointed as the Executive Secretary of NAPTIP in 2011. She has championed and taken the lead role in the Nigerian Anti-human trafficking Agency, to see to the effective eradication of human trafficking, as well as ensuring justice for trafficked persons
The 2014 trafficking in persons report placed Nigeria on tier 2 ranking which means that the country should increase its efforts in all areas including but not limited to justice for victims, prosecution for traffickers, and increasing prevention efforts via awareness creation. The report called on NIgerian legislators to urgently amend the draft anti- trafficking bill to increase penalties to traffickers and ensure that the activities of the agency receive adequate funding as a national priority.